Dragon's Inn.

I decided to make the Dragon's Inn, another Hirst Arts Design, as I wanted a place for my travelers to be able to come and relax. I have adapted the inital design, so that I could include a "working" fireplace, based on another of Bruce's designs, using the small brick mold 250. The other molds used here are the Dragon's Inn mold 51 and the wood shingle mold 240.

Below are my work in progress in pictures.

The floor (is darker in reality than in the photo). The logs in the fireplace are from the dungeon accessory mold. I used my Dremmel to hollow the logs out, and remove the plaster flames.
I want to look at some way of making "clear" flames, that will show the light from the fireplace better- maybe using clear silicon sealant.
I haven't gotten around to basing it properly yet, but for the last photo, I populated this corner of the Inn with some barrels, crates, and sacks.
I created the water effect using some "plastic water", and three strands of fishing line (per lion) about 1cm long. I fanned the line out, onto some clear plastic (used for window paint), and dropped two or three drops of the "water" into the fan. I then added some GW paint to each of them. One has Ice Blue dropped onto it, the other has Asurmen Blue wash. The wash worked better. I then cut and formed the fountain, and glued it into the lions mouth. (sorry about the photo quality).
I've bought (but not yet painted) some bar personnel from Reaper minis, and a bar and some drinking vessels from Thomarillion are also awaiting a slap of paint.

So still to do.

Comments and criticisms very welcome. (Some of the photos are a little shakey, and some are suffering from over exposure I think).